While the model shown top left may not be the most realistic nor the prettiest, it is the model by which all of the CNC milling was performed. I chose contrasting colors because I was not presenting the model to anyone at the time, and I needed to distinguish all of the components from each other. Otherwise, everything would be some variation of grey aluminum as shown on the main page.

All of the images for the robot were created before I discovered the rendering features of Pro/ENGINEER. These images are essentially high resolution screen shots. Most images have been heavily doctored in Photoshop. For example, before I revised the CAD images to look more realistic, I took the top left image and played with the colors until it looked nearly identical to the images on the main page. While I did not utilize the advanced rendering features of Pro/ENGINEER, I did change the lighting and perspective options available.

The CAD image on the main robot page matches the perspective and lighting in the adjacent photograph.

More advanced CAD renderings are shown for other more recent projects such as the Kitchen Krusher I made with a group for a class project.

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